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        金刚骷髅岛免费播放City of Mobile金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放City of Mobile Revenue Department/Mobile Business Center金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        The city of Mobile has created the “Mobile Business Center” within the City Revenue Department to assist new businesses in the licensing process. This one-stop resource center offers new business owners assistance in?a variety of areas.

        Business License and Certifications

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Licenses: 金刚骷髅岛免费播放A license to operate each separate business activity within the city limits of Mobile requires payment of an annual license fee due January 1 of each year. This fee is set for the first year of operation based on a 60-day affidavit of gross receipts, even it if is a partial year, and then it is based on the type of business and gross revenues generated.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Sales Tax金刚骷髅岛免费播放金刚骷髅岛免费播放:?金刚骷髅岛免费播放In general, the total sales tax for businesses located in the city of Mobile is 10 percent. The breakdown is as follows:

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放City of Mobile – 5 percent / Mobile County – 1 percent / State of Alabama – 4 percent金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        Sales tax for the city of Mobile is 5 percent of gross sales each month and must be received by the 20th day of the following month. An additional 1 percent sales tax is imposed on the sale of prepared food and drink within the city limits.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Urban Development金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        To legally operate in Mobile, businesses must be properly zoned and receive zoning certification. Most businesses receive B-1, B-2 or B-3 certification depending on the company’s business category and location. Failure to receive proper zoning certification may result in the inability to obtain a business license. Other municipalities within the Mobile County regulate their own zoning activity and should be contacted directly for further information.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Sign Ordinance:金刚骷髅岛免费播放 Businesses must comply with the city’s sign ordinance, which regulates signs and banners. There are also city regulations assuring tree protection, historic preservation and minimum landscaping standards. Home-based businesses should not disturb the residential character of the neighborhood.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile Police Department金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        Certain businesses are required to obtain clearance with the city of Mobile Police Department before they can be issued a license or tax account.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile Fire Department金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        Enforces fire codes.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile County金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile County License Commissioner’s Office金刚骷髅岛免费播放 If you plan to operate a business anywhere in Mobile County, you may need to acquire a state and county business license in addition to any applicable city licenses.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Sales Tax:金刚骷髅岛免费播放 Mobile County also charges a sales tax in the amount of 1 percent of gross sales. This tax is handled through the city of Mobile Revenue Department for businesses inside the city limits and has the same payment date of the 20th day of the following month. For businesses in the county and other municipalities, the tax is collected by the Mobile County License Commissioner. A state sales tax of 4 percent is also due the 20th day of the month following the accrual month. The new business owner must establish an account through the Alabama Revenue Department, after which a monthly remittance form will be provided.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile County Health Department金刚骷髅岛免费播放 Certain businesses dealing with food and beverages are required to obtain a Health Department Inspection Certificate.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile County Revenue Commissioner金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Personal Property Tax金刚骷髅岛免费播放金刚骷髅岛免费播放:?金刚骷髅岛免费播放Business owners are required to pay taxes on their inventory of personal property (i.e. office equipment, office supplies, furniture, etc.). Each owner must complete a listing of the company’s personal property before December 31.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mobile County Sheriff’s Office金刚骷髅岛免费播放 If your business is located in one of the following municipalities, you should contact them to determine if there are any municipal licenses required.

        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放金刚骷髅岛免费播放Bayou La Batre金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Chickasaw金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Citronelle金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Creola金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Dauphin Island金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Mount Vernon金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Prichard金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Saraland金刚骷髅岛免费播放
        • 金刚骷髅岛免费播放Satsuma金刚骷髅岛免费播放


        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Baldwin County金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance金刚骷髅岛免费播放 Expand Baldwin County Economy Through Business Development

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放Baldwin County Business Incubator金刚骷髅岛免费播放

        Offers small business assistance efforts through a variety of business development and professional consulting services.

        If your business is located in one of the following municipalities, you should contact them to determine if there are any municipal licenses required.

        金刚骷髅岛免费播放South Alabama Counties金刚骷髅岛免费播放