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        蓝猫淘气三千问全集Membership 101蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Offered periodically?for new members, existing members and prospective members providing information on how to get the most out of your Chamber membership. Great place to get started or to be reminded about what is available. There is no charge to attend but reservations are requested.


        蓝猫淘气三千问全集Ambassadors蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Member volunteers serve as Ambassadors for the Chamber and work to enhance member relations. Ambassadors meet bimonthly and also attend scheduled networking events and member grand openings/ribbon cuttings. Participants must work for a Chamber member business.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Board of Advisors蓝猫淘气三千问全集?The Board of Advisors adds value to your membership by providing access, interaction and a high-level of recognition for Advisors’ companies. Board of Advisor investors?are top-ranking company executives with a desire to engage in peer-to-peer interaction in a variety of venues to connect with the inner workings of the Mobile-area business community.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Build the Bridge Coalition蓝猫淘气三千问全集?A coalition of private industry and government advocating for a new I-10 Mobile River bridge and for widening the I-10 Bayway. The coalition seeks to alleviate congestion that negatively impacts travel along I-10 in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Business Retention & Expansion?蓝猫淘气三千问全集Business First is a Business Retention and Expansion program that studies key business and industry sectors to learn what existing businesses need to grow and thrive. The group holds quarterly meetings with knowledgeable speakers, and helps companies pursue opportunities, resolve problems and grow businesses in our area.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Chamber Chase蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Volunteers drive this “total resource development campaign” by recruiting new members, securing sponsorships for Chamber events, selling ads in Chamber publications and obtaining needed goods and services. The campaign officially runs May through mid-August but volunteers may be involved year round. Any employee of a Chamber company may participate.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集Chamber-Sponsored Travel蓝猫淘气三千问全集?The Chamber periodically presents leisure travel opportunities offering a chance to experience a foreign country with other Chamber members and individuals from the Mobile area.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Governmental Affairs蓝猫淘气三千问全集?This group reviews and researches legislative priorities; develops the Chamber’s community legislative agenda; and makes issue and policy recommendations to the Chamber’s board of directors. Involved members should have responsibility for public policy-making within their organizations. Members may sign-up for either State or Federal Affairs. These sub-committees meet on an as-needed basis.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Growth Alliance Task Force蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Promotes the growth of minority-owned businesses through increased awareness of Chamber programs and membership and provides entrepreneurial training workshops and diversity business forums. Task force members serve on active sub-committees including Business Development, Outreach, Finance and Sponsorships. The group meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Gulf Coast Technology Council蓝猫淘气三千问全集 Works to increase the visibility of local technology companies with bimonthly meetings, helps encourage development of a highly-skilled workforce to accommodate growth in the high-tech arena; markets the area as a center for technology development on the central gulf coast; and awards scholarships to local students majoring in technology-related fields.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Military Affairs蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Seeks to strengthen the relationship of the Mobile business community and members with military interests by communicating issues important to the military community and raising awareness of the military’s impact on our local economy.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Offshore Alabama蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Area offshore oil and gas producers, service providers, suppliers, and associated companies work together to sustain and grow the industry through networking events, trade show exhibitions, marketing initiatives, and by formulating appropriate advocacy positions promoting our local region. Prospective members must meet the criteria that more than 50% of the company’s business be offshore and oil & gas related.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Partners for Growth蓝猫淘气三千问全集?A multi-year initiative to sustain and accelerate Mobile’s economic growth through 2022. Participants invest financially in the program focusing on existing business retention and expansion, new business development/attraction, workforce development, and infrastructure and business climate improvement. Partners for Growth (PFG) Investors pledge to the multi-year initiative and receive recognition, involvement in PFG events, and opportunities to connect with new and expanding companies seeking products and services in the Mobile area.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Port & Energy蓝猫淘气三千问全集?This group works to educate and advocate for the importance of the Port of Mobile and the energy sector to Mobile’s economy.


        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Executive Roundtable蓝猫淘气三千问全集?A forum for small business owners and managers to hear presentations by a featured speaker on important issues that help them to manage or grow their business. Attendees also network to foster business relationships, share information and best practices. The group meets monthly.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Nonprofit Roundtable蓝猫淘气三千问全集?A forum for nonprofit members to build relationships and network with other nonprofit members. Provides educational and informational opportunities as well as promotes growth and enhances community awareness of area nonprofit organizations. Group meets triannually?and is open to Chamber member nonprofit organizations.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Trade Briefings蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Held to promote overseas markets, provide valuable insights into market strategies and a country’s overall economic well-being. Guest speakers are invited to participate in briefings.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Trade Missions, in-bound and out-bound?蓝猫淘气三千问全集Trade missions are held to promote business relations and increase Alabama exports to expand our economy and create jobs. Companies travel to different countries to develop and diversify their markets globally.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Trade Workshops and Seminars?蓝猫淘气三千问全集?These events are held to provide export opportunities and discuss pertinent international trade issues to area companies.


        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Business After Hours蓝猫淘气三千问全集 An evening event designed to allow members and prospective members a chance to network in a relaxed atmosphere. Held quarterly at various sponsoring locations. $5 for members, $10 for nonmembers. No reservations are needed.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Business Expo?蓝猫淘气三千问全集The Chamber’s premier business-to-business trade show featuring more than 200 exhibitors from diverse industries within the Mobile area. Also features a one-stop resource fair for small business owners, managers, key employees and decision makers to meet local, state and federal organizations specializing in management, finances, procurement, marketing and technical assistance specifically for small businesses. Sponsorships and booth space are available for purchase and attendance is $5 with your business card.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Chamber Classic Golf Tournament蓝猫淘气三千问全集?The Chamber Classic Golf Tournament is held annually in the spring at a Chamber member golf course. The event provides a networking opportunity with over 200 company presidents, CEOs and representatives entertaining clients and customers. Sponsorships, teams of four and individual tickets are available for purchase.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Coffee with the Chamber?蓝猫淘气三千问全集A morning event designed to allow members and non-members an opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere. Held quarterly at various sponsoring locations. No charge to attend and no reservations are needed.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Grand Opening, Open House and Ribbon Cutting Notification List蓝猫淘气三千问全集 ?Receive a monthly email notification about members’ scheduled Grand Opening, Open House and Ribbon Cutting events.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Member Appreciation Day?蓝猫淘气三千问全集 Held annually in the spring to recognize and thank Chamber members, volunteers, investors and all who support the Chamber. There is no charge to attend and no reservations are needed.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Networking at Noon蓝猫淘气三千问全集?A lunchtime event held quarterly providing members an opportunity to promote their business to a captive audience and make follow-up contacts in the same meeting. Lunch is provided and registration is required prior to event.


        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Corporate Community Service Award蓝猫淘气三千问全集 The Corporate Community Service Award recognizes member businesses who make employee volunteer efforts an important part of their corporate vision, policies and operations. In partnership with the Junior League of Mobile, the Chamber promotes volunteerism and encourages businesses to invest in our community. Each year, member businesses submit applications for consideration in October and the winner is recognized during our Annual Meeting.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Eagle Awards蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Celebrates the accomplishments, successes and contributions of minority-owned businesses in the Mobile, Baldwin or Washington county area. This long-running competition is more than 20 years old and is open to any minority-owned business that meets the stated criteria.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Innovator of the Year蓝猫淘气三千问全集 This award is presented to a company whose progressive actions in the field of technology and/or economic development merit recognition.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Manufacturer of the Year蓝猫淘气三千问全集 Recipients of this award are recognized for their efforts to grow the manufacturing industry in the Mobile area.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Outstanding Entrepreneur蓝猫淘气三千问全集 The Outstanding Entrepreneur award is presented to an individual who possesses and exhibits the characteristics of successful entrepreneurship including creativity, initiative, dynamic growth, sound management and substantiated history as an established entrepreneur.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Rev. Wesley A. James Minority Business Advocate蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Recognizes a local company or organization that exhibits a commitment to expanding opportunities for minority-owned businesses through its day-to-day operations. These efforts include innovative procurement programs, utilization goals, providing access to financing, community service, and current or future plans for mentoring and/or partnering programs.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Small Business of the Month蓝猫淘气三千问全集?Small businesses play a critical role in the Mobile area community and economy, and the Chamber is proud to recognize their accomplishments and contributions throughout the year through our Small Business of the Month Award program. Candidates may be nominated by individuals, customers, vendors or a company may self-nominate. Winners receive their award at the Chamber’s Board of Director’s monthly meeting.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集蓝猫淘气三千问全集Small Business of the Year蓝猫淘气三千问全集?The Chamber recognizes and honors the important role and impact small businesses contribute to the Mobile area community and economy by presenting the Small Business of the Year award. Candidates may be nominated by individuals, customers, vendors or may self-nominate. Three finalists are selected and the winner is announced at the annual Small Business Awards breakfast.


        蓝猫淘气三千问全集The Business View?蓝猫淘气三千问全集The Chamber’s monthly business magazine mailed to more than 20,000 business owners and managers in Mobile and Baldwin counties and e-mailed to more than 8,000 addresses.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集The Business View Weekly蓝猫淘气三千问全集?The Chamber’s weekly e-mail news publication highlights Mobile Area Chamber member business news and publishes on Thursdays. It’s the only publication of its type in the Mobile metro area, with more than 8,000 individuals on the distribution list. Subscriptions are open to both member and non-members of the Chamber, but only member events will be included in the e-newsletter.

        For a current listing of upcoming events visit the Chamber’s online Calendar of Events at events.mobilechamber.com.

        蓝猫淘气三千问全集I want to get involved!?蓝猫淘气三千问全集
        Please send your area of interest, or click on the group above, along with your contact information to:
        Dawn Rencher or call 251-431-8649.