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        影音先锋撸撸Health Occupations Career Fair影音先锋撸撸

        Sponsored by the Bay Area Healthcare Coalition and managed by the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce’s Education & Workforce Development Division, this two-day interactive and hands-on career fair is designed to motivate and inspire students considering careers in an array of healthcare fields and to help the Mobile area cultivate a workforce pipeline to meet future demands. Each exhibit is staffed by local healthcare professionals or students to answer questions and discuss education requirements and opportunities. The career fair attracts approximately 700 10th-grade students from public and private schools in Mobile and Baldwin counties. Those students chosen to participate must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and no unexcused absences.


        影音先锋撸撸Summer Scrubs影音先锋撸撸

        Summer Scrubs, a project of the Bay Area Healthcare Coalition, is an intensive three days of career exploration experience for rising high school seniors in Mobile and Baldwin counties. These students have expressed a desire to explore careers in healthcare and have the opportunity to spend each day of the program at a different healthcare facility where they interact with health professionals and observe them on the job in a real-world environment. Students are able to discuss and ask questions about healthcare jobs and the education paths available.


        影音先锋撸撸SAWDC’s Worlds of Opportunity影音先锋撸撸

        The Mobile Area Chamber’s Education & Workforce Development Division serves on the steering committee?for the 影音先锋撸撸Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council (SAWDC) Worlds of Opportunity event. More than 120 regional businesses and industries throughout southwest Alabama partner each fall to introduce more than 10,000 8th-grade students to potential careers and a successful future. The event encourages public and private school students to explore first-hand hundreds of future job opportunities. The expo uses hands-on, real-world exposure to start students thinking early about a career path or an education focus. Over two days, 8th graders investigate 12 “worlds,” from manufacturing to engineering to aerospace to healthcare.


        影音先锋撸撸影音先锋撸撸South Alabama Workforce Development Council影音先锋撸撸 (SAWDC)

        The Mobile Area Chamber is an active partner with the South Alabama Workforce Development Council (SAWDC) – Region 9, a business-led group working to attract, educate and train students and workers to better meet employer needs and foster economic growth in a global marketplace.


        影音先锋撸撸Bay Area Healthcare Coalition影音先锋撸撸

        A partnership of coastal Alabama healthcare providers, secondary and post-secondary schools, the Bay Area Healthcare Coalition’s mission is to identify and develop education-to-workplace initiatives supporting the growing need for qualified healthcare professionals. Current projects and initiatives include the annual Health Occupations Career Fair and Summer Scrubs program for high school students.


        Founding Coalition Members:


        影音先锋撸撸Mobile Area Education Foundation影音先锋撸撸

        The Mobile Area Chamber is an active partner with the Mobile Area Education Foundation (MAEF), an independent, non-profit, local education fund dedicated to creating higher expectation for our public schools and our community. The Education & Workforce Development Division collaborates with MAEF to build business and industry partnerships to support the Mobile County Public School System High School Signature Academies.


        影音先锋撸撸Education &?Training影音先锋撸撸